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            CHORAL GALA DAYS


             4 – 7APRIL 2019


            Dobri Voinikov International Children and Youth Choral Gala Days  /DVICYCGD/ have been held every other year since 1971. This festival was known by the name of Dobri Voinikov National Student Choral Gala Days until its XX edition. However, in 2011 Dobri Voinikov National Student Choral Gala Days were renamed as Dobri Voinikov International Children and Youth Choral Gala Days. 

    The best Bulgarian and foreign children and youth choirs have participated in the festival throughout its 45-year history. The most distinguished Bulgarian choirs have performed in Shumen together with choirs from Japan, Belgium, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Russia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Norway etc.                                                                                  

            The festival is organized by The Municipality of Shumen, The Municipal Children Complex and is managed by an Organizing Committee.

    The DVICYCGD is supported by leading institutions in the field of culture, education, choral art and the  public of Shumen, including: The Ministry of Education and Science, The Ministry of Culture, The National Children Palace, The  Bulgarian Choral Union, The Balkan Choral Forum.

            The Gala Days are held under the patronage of the Mayor of the town of Shumen – Mr. Lubomir Hristov.

            This edition of the choral festival dedicated to Voinikov`s 185 th anniversary of Voinikov and 160 years since the creation of the first polyphonic student choir in Bulgaria by D. Voinikov.

            This edition of Dobri Voinikov International Children and Youth Choral Gala Days  is 25  edition of the festival.



І. Any Bulgarian and international children and youth choirs with  singers  up to 19 years old can participate in the festival. The guest choirs should not exceed the number of 40 members (incl. managers and accompanying personnel). The festival is non-competitive.    


ІІ. Requirements for the choirs.


      1. The choirs present a repertoire of their own choice. The performance time limit for choirs is 25 minutes.

      2. It is recommended that the Bulgarian choirs’ repertoire should include a new song  by a Bulgarian composer that should be performed for the first time on Shumen stage.

     All the choirs should prepare the anthem of the festifal “TO DOBRI VOINIKOV” by Alexander Tanev (the score is available on the website of the festival). The choirs take part in the rehearsals of the common songs that will be performed during the festival and at the Gala concert.


      3. DVICYCGD are included in the list of the representative festivals of the Balkan Choral Forum. So, it is recommended that the choirs’ repertoire should include a song composed by a composer from a Balkan country. 


    4. Each choir will have the opportunity to participate in two concerts in Shumen. On April 7, at 10.30, a church concert will be held for the first time in the Church of the Holy Ascension with a religious repertoire accapella.


    5. It is recommended that all the choirs should be present throughout the whole festival.


ІІІ. A special emphasis will be laid on the creative atmosphere of the festival in 2019 as there will be a Creative Lab, working and presenting for the first time The work for Choir and Orchestra Missa pro Juventute from slovenian composer Tine Bec. The lab will be guided and conducted by Slavil Dimitrov – conductor of the Svetoslav Obretenov National Philharmonic Choir. The first performance will be on the 6th April at the Gala concert.

            During the GALA DAYS, there will be a round table discussion with the conductors and  the guests of the festival, devoted to topical creative and organization issues focusing on children and youth choral art and its current development trends.





V. The participants in the festival will receive a diploma for participation, a statuette, audio/video recording of their performance and advertising materials. The organizers hold the copyright of the audio and video recordings done during the festival. The Bulgarian Choir Union will award the participants with diplomas for participation.


VI. The foundation “Prof. VENETA VICHEVA” established “A Prize for Conductor`s Mastery - prof. V. Vicheva”. The winner of the prize (diplo Organizing Committee as guests and leaders of creative seminars.


ma and statuette) will be selected by a board of conductors, invited by the


1.The choirs should announce their participation in ХХV DVICYCGD by filling a form by 31 Dec  2018 at the latest, sent by e-mail or by post. With this application the choirs declare that they agree with the conditions of the festival. The application should be accompanied by:

- a recent audio or video recording or web-links where the performances of the choir in 2017 or 2018 could be heard;

- a colour photo of the conductor and the choir in jpg format;

- an annotation about the choir and the conductor.

2. After receiving the applications and the enclosed materials the Organizing Committee carries out a selection and responds to the applicants by 15 Jan 2019 at the latest. After a selection the approved choirs will receive the scores of the songs for collective performance.



1.      The organizers bear the cost of one night (excluding breakfast) of a choir of 40 people. (including conductor, pianist, and accompanying personnel). The costs of the rest  nights, travel and meals are to be covered by the participants.

            The organizers will assist the choirs with organizing their settling and meals

            at The Shumen hotel at preferential prices within three options:

            - BB (bed and breakfast) – accommodation and breakfast

            - HB (half board) – accommodation, breakfast, dinner

            - FB (full board) – accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner

            * Price details will be uploaded to the festival site.

2.      On the 6th of April a Gala Dinner with a disco party will be organized for all participants at the price of 10.00 Euro per person at the participants` expense.

3.      The organizers provide rooms for accoustical rehearsals on the day of the concert.

4.      The guest choirs are offered a cultural program, including a visit to cultural and historical monuments and sights in Shumen and the region. Each choir will be accompanied by a guide.


5.      Detailed information about the programme of the festival, information and news can be downloaded from the website of the festival.


4.04 Thursday – Arrival

16.30h - Leaders meeting with the Mayor of Shumen 

17:30h - Opening of the festival

18:00 - First festival concert 

 5.04 Friday

10.30 - 12.30 Workshop

 - tourist program 

16:30-17:30 - individual rehearsals

18.00 Second festival concert

6.04 Saturday 

10.30 - 12.30 Workshop with orchestra

 - tourist program 

16:30-17:30 - individual rehearsals

18.00 Gala festival concert

20.30 Gala diner

7.04 Sunday 

10:30 – 11:30 Chirch concert in the morning and depart, or tourist progam 


 For contact  and  information about prices of accommodation and meals you can visit:

 www.internationalchoirfest-shumen.alle.bg or: www.odk-shumen.com

E-mail: odkshumen@abv.bg      denica.uzunova@abv.bg



Municipal Children Complex.

17 Slavjanski” bul.

Shumen, Bulgaria


General manager:  Mrs Maria Yordanova

Tel./fax +35954/86 00 56

Denitsa Uzunova +359 895610432

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