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                                                                                                                                   SHUMEN, BULGARIA


The children`s choir “Bodra pessen” at the Municipal children’s complex in Shumen, Bulgaria was founded on 05.12.1963. Its founder, chief artistic manager and conductor for many years are Prof. Veneta Vicheva. Now the art director and conductor of the choir is Denitsa Uzunova, a follower of Professor Veneta Vicheva. Zhaneta Katsarova is the piano accompanist. Two years ago at the Girls' Choir was founded formation of women, former singers in the children's choir. Children's and women's choir sing together.


Pride for the town of Shumen and our country was brought by the plenty awards and medals of the choir from national and international festivals and competitions. The choir “Bodra pessen” had won the first prizes at the following international choir competitions:

-          IV International Choir Competition “Bella Bartok” in Debrecen, Hungary – first prize;

-          XXIV International Polyphonic Choir Competition “Guido D’Arezzo” – Arezzo, Italy - first prize;

-          XXXII International Choir Competition in Neerpelt, Belgium, where the choir received the highest possible award in the extra category – “Summa cum laude”;

-          XVI International Choir Competition “Prof. Georgi Dimitrov” – Varna, Bulgaria - first prize.

-          First International Choir Competition 2009 - Antalya, Turkey /Cum Loude/

-          XІMoscow International Children`s and Youtht Choir Festival

-          Award for best Bulgarian song performed by the VIII International Choir Festival of Women and Girls' Choirs "Prof. Lilia Gyuleva " - Targovishte, Bulgaria, 2013;

-          Award of the Bulgarian Choral Union for Best Bulgarian choir presentation; First prize in the category " Equal Choirs" and the highest award Grand Prix and a gold-plated statuette of the IV International Choir Festival "Chernomorski zvutsi" - Balchik, 2014 .


The choir “Bodra pessen” is a laureate and gold medalist from the IX and X World youth festivals in Sofia /Bulgaria/ and Berlin /Germany/. It had participated with a great success in the national and international festivals in: Olomoutz – Czech Republic; Hamburg – Germany; VI European choir meetings – Warsaw, Poland; “Sofia music weeks” – Sofia, Bulgaria; International choir assembly “Bulgarian Riviera” – Varna, Bulgaria and others.

The choir “Bodra pessen” is distinguished in representing the Bulgarian children’s choir arts in Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Germany, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Slovakia, Poland and France.

They had compiled four LP records; studio and documentary recordings in Radio Berlin, Radio Leipzig, Budapest, Brussels, Hamburg, and Sofia; at the national Polish television; and also have many audio and video recordings, and a CD.

The choir repertoire includes different choir works with accompaniment of piano, orchestra and acappella.  The choir performs works from the West-European pre-classics to the contemporary composers. It performs Bulgarian church and Slavonic chants and Catholic religious works. The base of choir repertoire is built on the Bulgarian song repertoire, and a great part of the songs were specially written for the choir. Many of them are arrangements of Bulgarian folk songs disclosing the specific nature of the Bulgarian national folklore with its diverse uneven rhythms.

The choir “Bodra pessen” had won the following national and international medals and awards:

-          The order “St. St. Cyrill and Methodius” – 1st rank;

-          The order “For distinguished service to the Bulgarian national army”;

-          In 2004 the choir had been accepted for member of the International choir union;

-          In 2004 among 1750 teams the choir “Bodra pessen” has been awarded by the European choir federation at the European Union with the rank “European culture ambassador”.

-          In 2005 it had been awarded with the “First prize of Shumen” for arts and culture.

-          In 2005 after a competition the Bulgarian national radio declares the choir “Bodra pessen” for “Musician of the year” in the category “Ensemble”.

-     2010 Award "Crystal Lire"  for bright, excellence in the Arts choir” cathegory by  Union of    Bulgarian Musicians and Dancers                

-          In 2015 Bulgarian Academy of Science and Arts adopts as its collective member choir "Bodra pessen" and award him the title "Academic".

-          In 2015 for the second time - choir "Bodra pessen" conducted by Denitsa Uzunova has been awarded by the European choir federation at the European Union with the title of "European culture ambassador".

-          In 2016 the choir "Bodra pessen" had been awarded with the "Award of Shumen for art and culture" – music cathefory;

-          In 2016 had been awarded with the Award of the Bulgarian National Radio  "Musician of the Year" for 2015

-          In 2016 the choir "Bodra pessen" had been awarded witt  the Special prize of the First National Choir Festiva "120 years Petko Staynov " in Kazanlak, Bulgaria.



·        “That was a real feeling for me! The children sang like real angels!”

Manfred Roos - Berlin

·        “My admiration for that incredible choir” – Prof. Walter Buykens

·        “Amazing, unbelievable, extreme, excellent” – Peter Berben – president of the festival in Neerpelt - Belgium

·        “Freshness from your singing! Freshness from your youth! What a pleasure is listening to you, dear girls from Shumen and your charming choir master” – Mario Boccellotti – president of the festival in Arezo – Italy

·        “Your performance was extraordinary! They were one of the most beautiful I have ever heard in the 18 countries I have visited! You are excellent!” – Jack Bondes – president of the World organisation for children upbringing

·        “…I admire you and I am taken by your art and charm…I sincerely wish to your marvelous choir happiness and continuation of the creative successes!” – Boris Smetanin – president of the international choir union – Moscow, Russia, 2003

·        “I have a feeling of enormous admiration from your talent. Thank you for your space labour and work. Thank you for the marvelous choir!” – I. Polyakova, A. Safina – Kazan, Tatarstan, 2002.

·        “I saw what is a hard work with excellent results. The children are heroes. Like a person and musician I am astonished by the excellent interpreting and I could not believe that the song I have heard was written by me” – Vassilis Makridis – composer from Greece, co-chairman of the Balkan forum for choral music, 2005

·        “…A master’s performance, excellently selected repertoire, excellent choir-master. A real musical feast“ – Kristina Pachuska – director of the House of culture in Shedlce – Poland, 2005



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